“We have always received fast and efficient IT and web maintenance service from Valfi in our several retail locations. Their flexible service model adapts well to the needs of various business customers, especially in the retail industry.”

Marja Mononen, Shopping Centre Manager, Colliers International 

Business services

  • IECnet – International Association of Accountants, Auditors and Tax Consultants
  • Thurma Business Centre, Milan
  • Studio Arnaldo Carpi / Carpi Advisors
  • Team SimiSami


  • Asianajotoimisto Lapsilaki

  • Lakiasiaintoimisto Defenso

  • Asianajotoimisto Mikko Ravaska


  • Shopping Centre Ideapark Oulu
  • Shopping Centre Tullintori
  • Shopping Centre Lielahtikeskus
  • Shopping Centre Rewell Center

  • Shopping Centre Rajalla På Gränsen

  • Shopping Centre Zeppelin

  • Shopping Centre Karisma


  • Lämpöhuolto Group

  • Ovenia group

  • Doorway Finland

  • Pro Door

Real Estate / Cities

  • Vaasan ToriParkki

  • Citymarket Tornio

  • Ovenia

  • VisitVaasa


  • Saaga Travel
  • OTP Travel – Oulun Taksipalvelut 

Restaurants / Catering

  • Restaurant Petronella

  • Robert’s Coffee Tornio

  • Spice Ice Tornio

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