Fail fast with fast prototyping


The real deal for boosting productivity isn’t just grinding more hours. It’s about working smarter and bolder. Companies need to shake things up, try new stuff, and be cool with failing. 

The problem with MVPs

The more you venture into new products, workflows, and methodologies, the more you flex and strengthen your “resilience muscle.” While the idea of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) is a step in the right direction, it often misses a critical component: speed.

That’s where we flipped the script at Valfi. We cooked up something we call Fast Paced Prototypes (FPPs). It’s all about cranking up the speed on innovation. With FPPs, we’re not just changing the game; we’re playing a whole new sport, speeding through ideas and growth like never before.

Why it matters?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the need for speed in product development is critical. This is where FPPs, or Fast Paced Prototypes, come into play. Similar to the concept of MVPs, FPPs focus on rapid development and deployment.

Fast Development: FPPs emphasize the ability to execute and roll out a pilot under tight deadlines, sometimes in mere days or weeks, ensuring that time pressure does not hinder progress.

Good Enough: FPPs aim to deliver results that are “good enough,” meeting the fundamental needs of the market and users in a satisfactory manner without getting bogged down in perfectionism.

The overlap between fast development and meeting basic market needs defines the essence of an FPP. It’s about striking the balance between speed and functionality.

And the crucial part? If an FPP doesn’t hit the mark, the approach is simple: dump it fast. This methodology ensures resources aren’t wasted on products that don’t serve the market’s needs, allowing teams to pivot quickly and refocus on more promising initiatives.