Re-thinking smart buildings


In the world of Smart Buildings, we’re not facing a shortage of data, but rather a challenge in harnessing it effectively. It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about making it accessible and useful across various applications.

Data Availability: In the past, data was locked within provider systems like heat pumps and sensors. Today, we’re shifting towards a model where data is openly shared and actively utilized by multiple stakeholders. This process can be streamlined using an API that retrieves data from both new and existing sensors and cameras, provided they are equipped to handle computer vision tasks such as people counting.

Open Data Culture: Encouraging the use of open APIs allows data from sources like occupancy sensors for example in schools to be used in diverse and impactful ways:

For Managers: Enables better decision-making and resource allocation.
For Cleaning Staff: Optimizes cleaning schedules based on actual room usage.
For Security: Enhances safety by understanding occupancy patterns.
For Students: Provides a real-world dataset for data-driven projects, fostering learning and innovation.

Imagine the possibilities when data serves the entire community, not just the system providers. Let’s embrace this new world of shared, actionable insights!