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For businesses and organisations grappling with the complexities of legal information processes, investigations, and compliance
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Legal Tech Services

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying compliant and sustainable while navigating complex legal terrains is crucial for businesses. Our legal tech services specializes in guiding digital-driven enterprises through the intricate maze of legal compliance, ensuring adherence to GDPR and other regulatory standards.

Compliance and Sustainability: Our expert team understands the importance of running a sustainable business that doesn’t just meet the current legal requirements but is also prepared for future regulations. We provide comprehensive advice and strategies to ensure that your business operations are fully compliant, minimizing risk and positioning you for long-term success.

Complex Legal Information Management: For businesses battling with the complexities of legal information processes, including due diligence, litigations, investigations, and compliance, we offer a robust solution. Our services streamlines and simplify these processes, making it easier to manage and respond to legal demands.

Technology-Enabled Process Optimization: Through consulting, implementing, and executing projects, our legal team harnesses the power of technology to refine your legal processes. We aim to meet your specific customer objectives while driving down costs and enhancing outcomes. Whether it’s automating routine tasks or applying AI to analyze legal documents, we ensure that technology works for you, not against you.

By choosing legal services, you’ll not only safeguard your business against legal pitfalls but also enjoy improved operational efficiency. Our commitment to your success is reflected in our tailored approach, ensuring that every solution we provide is aligned with your unique business needs.

Why our advisory services?

Valfi trains and develops your digital services in a strategic manner. We tailor our coaching to your goals from the perspectives of technology, people’s skills, and sustainability. You save time and money, as you don’t have to search for and learn the best ways to utilize technology on your own. Through our extensive network of experts and partners, we also find diverse contributors for your company’s growth and international challenges.

An experienced coach will help your company learn new digital skills more quickly and effectively. Our experts specialize in digital growth, guiding the learning and change process in a clear and efficient way.

Your contact person

Service contact Valtteri Kujala is an experienced coach with a PhD in Computer Science. He aims to assist businesses in growing and succeeding through sustainable digitalization, understanding the critical role of inspiring coaching in learning. Valtteri has been an entrepreneur since he was 15 years old, and his mission is to coach more growth-oriented digital entrepreneurship into the world through his company, Valfi.

With Valtteri’s assistance, you can make long-term and growth-supportive digital leaps online, launch digital products with confidence, and discover new skills.


Kun Valtteri on apunasi, voit tehdä pitkäjänteisiä ja kasvua tukevia digiharppauksia netissä, lanseerata digituotteita luottavaisin mielin ja oivaltaa uusia taitoja.

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References and collaboration

Our coaches have conducted training sessions for various organizations, including BusinessOulu of Oulu City, numerous growing companies, the international IECnet tax and audit network, and other entities interested in digitalization. We have collaborated with institutions like the University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and the specialized vocational institution Luovi.

Our coaches have also participated in hosting, facilitating, and developing events such as Aalto Entrepreneurship Society’s TeamUp entrepreneurship event, the Baltic Ecommerce Conference, and several other theme days and workshops related to digital entrepreneurship.

We have served hundreds of corporate and community clients in Finland and globally, coaching, advising, and actively developing various digital solutions. You can learn more about our references on our references page.