Smart City Co-Creation


We recently had the privilege of brainstorming ideas for Smart City Oulu and discussing with city officials how entrepreneurs and businesses can help create a smarter living environment for everyone. Here are some universal takeaways applicable to any city worldwide ?

1. Dream Big: Oulu doesn’t play small – they aim for stars like creating the “world’s smartest hospital” or becoming Europe’s cultural capital. When the city sets adventurous goals, it fires up everyone: businesses, citizens, you name it!

2. The Future is Open: Gone are the days when a few tech giants hoarded all the smart city data. Nowadays, the spotlight is on open data, a movement that’s gained even more momentum with the EU’s open data directive. This allows businesses and citizens to develop applications freely, fostering innovation and inclusivity.

3. Co-creation with Entrepreneurs: When the city opens its data vaults or lets local entrepreneurs run with test pilots right in town, businesses hit the fast track. While businesses might not get direct new business for this, receiving immediate feedback is invaluable and far outweighs the complications of long-distance testing.

4. Win-Win Situations: Thriving cities require flexibility from both city officials and businesses. When both parties share similar values and work towards solutions that benefit the city’s populace, finding the purpose of your product and your “why?” becomes straightforward.