People Flow Optimization

Valfi’s people flow optimizator offers a fast and reliable method for optimizing and counting visitors in shopping centers, stores, public spaces, or other areas using artificial intelligence. What sets our optimizator apart from others?

REST API Interface

You can easily integrate the optimizator’s data into your systems (including Microsoft 365 and PowerBI) without the need to log into a separate system.

Web-based Counter Data Reporting

We have developed our own people analytics software, and data is hosted on secure servers in the EU.

Privacy and GDPR Compliant Optimization

Our visitor counter does not collect personal information or cause privacy issues.

The National Museum of Helsinki, Finland

Responsible and Reliable People Flow Optimization

When searching for an effective and secure visitor counter that tracks the customers of a shopping center or store, Valfi’s visitor counter is the right choice. We make visitor counting easy, enabling you to enhance analytics and space utilization monitoring in a new way. The visitor counter, which collects anonymous data, is installed at the entrance’s top, respecting customer privacy.

Respecting Privacy

Our visitor counter utilizes sensor-based technology that is highly accurate and reliable. The sensor for the visitor counter is placed above or beside the entrance, aiming at the passageway. Visitor numbers and statistics are accessible through our self-developed, web-based reporting tool. Data is responsibly stored and processed on secure servers.

For Shopping Centers and Public Buildings

The visitor counter is ideally suited for both large and small shopping centers as well as public spaces for various purposes:

  • Real-time measurement of visitor flows
  • Monitoring of movement directions
  • Tracking of different areas within the property
  • Efficient management of security, cashier, and cleaning resources
  • Tracking attendance at events
  • Optimization of property lifecycle and energy efficiency

Reference locations

The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki
The Maritime Museum of Finland, Kotka
Church of Helsinki
Satama Arena, Kotka
Relove Helsinki & Tampere
ABC, Juva
BusinessAsema, Oulu
Shopping Centre Karisma, Lahti
Shopping Centre Pekuri, Oulu
Shopping Centre Kapteeni, Oulu
Shopping Centre Icco, Pori
Kaukovainio school, Oulu
Vimmacompany Oy

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