Kolibri Coffee provides sustainable Costa Rican coffee online

9/2020 – Valtteri Kujala

Valfi is helping Costa Rican coffee brand Kolibri Coffee to realise new opportunities of selling coffee online. Kolibri Coffee was born through a small coffee production that comes from the slopes of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica. Read more about Kolibri Coffee at

Digitise growth / IECnet seminar – July 3, 2020

6/2020 – Valtteri Kujala

We are please to present on July 3, 2020, a webinar on the use of technology to help market accounting and auditing services. This webinar will be hosted by the PR/BD Committee and the speaker will be Mr Valtteri Kujala, the CEO of Valfi Oy. The seminar is open for IECnet members. Please contact us to get the link.

E-commerce in Cuisine Industry

3/2020 – Valtteri Kujala

We built an e-commerce system for a Finnish chocolate manufacturer ChocoSomnia, enabling also remote video tastings. Check out, how it all worked out!

How to Survive Crisis with Technology 

3/2020 – Valtteri Kujala

Learn how to get the best out of IT automatisation and service-based eCommerce to grow your business during crisis and times of uncertainty. By focusing into automation and eCommerce you can create new growth. 

How to do international networking?

10/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

A small investment of time in international business networking could be worth a lot of money. We made a video with one of our customers, IECnet, to highlight opportunities of international networking for any business or entrepreneur. See the video on Vimeo here

A new website for Zandra Rhodes

8/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

Valfi makes a new website for iconic British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes. We are proud to announce our latest project, which features the latest collections, news, and biography of one of the most influential British fashion designers.

Our research featured on SpringerLink

7/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

PhD Researcher and Valfi’s CEO Valtteri Kujala has published a new article together adjunct professor Raija Halonen from University of Oulu about small business growth. The study was conducted at Valfi. Read more

Valfi Summer Greeting video

7/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

We hope you have a nice and warm summer season! Start transforming your summer holidays with Valfi’s 24/7 managed web services. We can help you to stay relaxed and get the time you need for recovery. 

Valfi releases a new visual identity and brand video

5/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

Our new visual identity communicates that Valfi makes it easy to manage IT and analytics. We have years of experience working in smarter real estate and digital businesses. Meet us soon in Helsinki IoT Summit and XLR8 London!  

Testing managed video analytics at OYS TestLab

4/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

Valfi has did a collaboration with OYS TestLab in Oulu University Hospital to create a first face recognition system operating in hospital for security and customer care.

OYS covers up the whole of Northern Finland – accounting for more than half of Finland’s geographical area that is home to 741,000 people. Patient care is based on the latest research, best practises in treatment, and the state-of-the-art technology. The hospital employs 6,800 professionals.

*photo credit Arto häkkilä CC BY-SA 4.0 (added logos)


Ideapark Oulu automatises marketing with Valfi

3/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

Ideapark Oulu is one of the biggest shopping centers in Northern Finland offering fantastic shopping every day of the year.  60 shops, restaurants and indoor amusement park creates a new shopping experience. Valfi helps Ideapark Oulu to automatise and manage marketing, video production and much more.


Interview with Tarja Turunen

12/2018 – Valtteri Kujala

 Valtteri Kujala interviews soprano, composer and songwriter Tarja Turunen on Satama Open Air festival in the autumn of 2018 about entrepreneurship and best lessons learned in the music business.


VIMMA automatises e-commerce and ERP with Valfi

1/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

VIMMA company is not only the products but also unforgettable stories, innovative people and a lot of experience. Valfi helps VIMMA to automatise and manage integrated e-commerce and ERP system.


Entrepreneur Spotlight: Daniel Ziska

1/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

GPC Tax is one of the greatest accounting agencies in Germany and Switzerland. Valtteri Kujala has worked years with it’s CEO Daniel Ziska, helping digital services management, maintenance and analytics. Valtteri went to Berlin meet Daniel and discuss about the future of fintech. 

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Satu Laiho

1/2019 – Valtteri Kujala

At Valfi we work with multiple collaborators to ensure our reliability and flexibility. One of our collaborators is a marketing specialist Satu Laiho, who works remotely from Levi, Lapland. 

Automated debt collection for law agency Mikko Ravaska Oy

9/2018 – Valtteri Kujala

Valfi has developed a new automatised debt collection tool, which has been individually developed to serve debt collection assignment .at Mikko Ravaska Oy. At its simplest, the customers can upload directly to the service a PDF or image invoice, from which it will be transferred to the debt collection after the review. The service automatically calculates the reference rates and collection costs for payment claims, as well as retrieves daily payments from the bank.


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