Gesture Recognition with Machine Vision

Receiving customer feedback manually can be challenging. What was the shopping experience like in the store? What kind of customer service did the customer receive? We have developed an easy system for handling customer feedback. All you need is any screen and a machine vision camera.

Gesture Recognition with Machine Vision

Gesture Recognition with Machine Vision A novel innovation allows customers to give feedback by simply gesturing with their hands, utilizing AI-based deep learning.

The customer feedback system operates by installing a feedback camera into an advertising display or other digital signage. The system monitors movement in front of it 24/7 and recognizes from the video a thumbs-up (positive) or thumbs-down (negative) gesture. Feedback is automatically recorded in a database, and the business owner can access analytics from a web-based interface or through a REST-API.

For Brick-and-Mortar Stores, Retailers, Shops

The customer feedback system is suitable for both large and small businesses:

  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring the shopping experience
  • Tracking the store experience
  • Web Analytics Tool

Customer feedback can be easily analyzed using a web-based analytics tool. The data can also be integrated into third-party systems.

Benefits of the Feedback System

  • Real-time feedback monitoring for businesses
  • Enhance marketing and property efficiency
  • Accurate customer tracking
  • Cost-effective monthly subscription
  • Turnkey installation and 24-hour maintenance

Customer Feedback for Various Businesses

Valfin’s feedback system is suitable for any commercial space, store, or other customer service point. It can be installed into an existing display. The pricing is based on an affordable monthly agreement, which includes the feedback camera, necessary connections, and cloud service for tracking the metrics.