Forward-thinking digital maintenance

We manage your data 24/7, you can concentrate on your core activities, knowing your business is always optimised and secured.

Why Valfi?

Why Valfi?

Our goal is to make the most of the data what you have. Experience peace of mind when we use smart tech, software, and sensors to manage and optimise your IT systems, making them work better and smarter.

Through our analytics we enable new ways to develop and optimize both digital and physical environments.

Always Fast 24/7 Service

Get expert fast IT solutions, analytics and automation help when you need it.

Optimise IT For Sustainable Business

With our team constantly optimising your digital business, you can focus on your core activities, confident that your technology is managed to its fullest potential.

Comply With Regulations

We advise your digital data compliance, adhering to best practices for GDPR and EU law.

What kind of managed IT solutions are you offering?

Our expertise spans all major cloud platforms and providers, including Microsoft and Google, as well as widely-used eCommerce and web publishing platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Wix, and Nextcloud, all supporting REST API functions.

Our data-driven solutions for for buildings and smart cities incorporate a diverse range of sensors and technologies from the IoT sphere. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to seek further advice from our support team.



Example Work

Our customized data-driven solutions are utilised by cities, municipalities, and businesses alike.

The National Museum of Finland

Automatic visitor counting and analysis

City of Oulu

Analysis of school dining area visitor numbers to reduce food waste

Satama Arena

Real-time monitoring of visitor flows and utilization rates at the new event arena

Church of Finland

Sensor analysis of person counts in outdoor areas

IECnet – A global network of Accountants, Auditors and Tax Consultants.

Microsoft and Azure maintenance, advisory, and development.

Maintenance, optimization, and integration of a WooCommerce online store with the Zalando platform.

Saaga Travel

Custom WooCommerce-based online store and booking tool.

Lämpöhuolto Group

Maintenance and integrations of the WordPress platform and WooCommerce online store since 2014.

Colliers Finland

Analytics and data integrations for shopping center interfaces

Relove Café & Second Hand

Visitor analytics for the café & second-hand chain in Helsinki and Tampere

Juva Municipality

Real-time visitor counting and analytics at the ABC station

Häme Castle

Real-time visitor counting and analytics for Häme Castle’s passageways

What Our Clients Say?

IECnet – International Association of Accountants, Auditors and Tax Consultants

“Valfi’s fast solutions have helped us establish reliable and secure communication channels”

Colliers Finland

“Their flexible service model adapts well to the needs of various business customers, especially in the retail industry.”

Luovi Vocational College

“We are happy with the educational cooperation that went well!”

“I admire the technical know-how that your offer to us. I am very pleased with the cooperation.  We’ve made a lot of great progress over the years together.”

How We Operate Globally?

Get Started Fast

No matter where your business is globally, we align with your vision and goals to customize the best data-driven solutions for you.


Digital Development

We build, develop, optimise and automatise your data, leveraging latest data-driven technologies for efficiency and security.



Friendly Management And Support

We provide ongoing support and development to ensure your data not only remains secure but also evolves alongside your business.


Why trust us in your data-driven services?

What sets us apart from other service providers? We believe in nurturing robust partnerships and collective growth. Join us on this journey of data expansion, transforming your time and resources into boundless possibilities.

Empowering Your Digital Business Round the Clock

We are always available, providing continuous support, monitoring, and assistance. This is particularly valuable for businesses operating globally across different time zones or those with operations that must continue uninterrupted day and night.

Keeping IT Simple

Our simple goal is to make the client’s business more capable, effective, and autonomous. This could include implementing simple and understandable solutions that allow the business to operate more efficiently, providing tools that enable employees to perform their tasks better, or offering strategic advice to help the company make better use of its IT resources.

Driving Success Together

We build strong partnerships where we are  actively invested in the client’s success, working not just to solve immediate problems but also to enhance the business’s overall capabilities.

Reducing Risks and Bringing Security

We are capable of adjusting to the business’s needs and growth, ensuring the IT operations can keep pace with regulatury changes and demands.