Saaga Travel Oy

Online store enables the smooth sale of travel packages, ski bus and bus trips

Saaga Travel’s vision is to be the leading passenger transport company in the Oulu region in terms of quality and function. This vision is driven by diligence, enthusiasm and innovation.

Charter trips form the basis of Saaga Travel’s operations, offering high-quality transport to the desired destination for groups of different sizes. Travel packages and international transport are also part of Saaga Travel’s range of services.

Valfi has been a partner of Saaga Travel’s online store and website since 2019. The online store is based on the open-source WooCommerce platform, which has been developed and customized according to the customer’s needs.

"We have received quick support to maintain and develop the Saaga Travel online store 24/7."
Sanna Kimpimäki

Saaga Travel Oy