Startup Consultation (Finland)


Starting your business in Finland can be a complex task, with many unknown factors to consider as a start-up entrepreneur. You have to manage work and company permits, establish a company structure, financials, business processes and finally, your product to the market. We offer you a start-up consultation package that includes:

  • a 60-minute online meeting with our Finnish business specialist and mentor (Valtteri Kujala, PhD)
  • meeting documentation and conclusions from the meeting
  • suggestion for the next steps

Price excl. Finnish VAT 24 % / 0 % (EU VAT number) for European customers. Timetable in Finnish format / timezone (EEST).
NB! This is a non-refundable purchase. Read full terms and disclaimers here.



Your specialist

Valtteri Kujala
PhD, +10 years entrepreneur experience in Finland

CEO of Valfi Ltd, Finland
15-year experience running companies in Finland