Lead digital change the right way. 


Get skills to build new digital growth

We help communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable digital potential. Valfi trains your people to adapt to the AI-driven digital environment and commerce with the right skills and tools.

We provide training as

  • Working as a part of your team
  • Workshops, presentations and seminars
  • Consulting
  • Hybrid work with our other services
  • Reports and analyses

Bring video expertise to your board work

We bring new ideas and digital expertise to improve your board work and management.


Acquire right software

We help you to figure out and purchase right technological stack in e-commerce, cloud services, analytics and customized web applications. 

Legal advisory and due diligence

We can help on legal questions related to technology, data processing, risk management and due diligence. 

Create sustainable digital success

We offer a sustainable and human-first approach to create and develop new digital solutions. We always start from people and then continue with technology.


Schedule a consultation today

We help you navigate effectively and sustainably in the digital marketplaces by leveraging the right tools and people that get together with your own team.