Lämpöhuolto Group Oy

Years of building Lämpöhuolto's web and brand

Valfi builds new growth with a customer-oriented service provider in Finnish heating industry. On an annual basis, Lämpöhuolto is responsible for the heating renovation and maintenance of several hundred properties.

The collaboration between Valfi’s founder Valtteri and Lämpöhuolto’s CEO Juuso has continued since 2014. Over the years, Lämpöhuolto has grown from a few people to the Lämpöhuolto Group, which is one of the largest players in the heating industry in Finnish district heating renovations. The company also offers heat pump solutions through its subsidiary Suomen Ilmalämpöpalvelu Oy.

Valfi has taken care of and developed Lämpöhuolto’s website and marketing with an entrepreneurial approach.

"Valfi works fast and they have great expertise in both technology and branding"
Juuso Pelkonen

Lämpöhuolto Group Oy