Making the world smarter with 24/7 analytics

Valfi’s managed computer vision and analytics solutions are based on intelligent sensors, cameras and software. We can develop and maintain custom IoT applications to improve connectivity, efficiency and security.

With intelligent use of the sensors in the property and areas, you can improve energy efficiency and the use of human resources in customer service, maintenance, security and optimisation.

We make cities smarter with IoT and computer vision solutions

By using video and smart video analytics by tracking the number of people and customer flows, you can improve energy efficiency and human resources.

Improving customer service with IoT and computer vision

Know your customers’ movements in real time to drive customer service and targeted advertising to those who need them the most.

Building and office efficiency with smart remote solutions

A significant part of offices’ energy consumption and human resources are wasted. Significant maintenance savings can be achieved with Valfi’s computer vision.


Smarter cities using computer vision

Valfi ensures mobility with smart and reliable computer vision equipment in busy spaces, offices and other buildings.We serve you 24/7, ensuring the use of your facilities with smart camera sensors. Improve safety and energy efficiency in a new way with Valfi.

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How the smart sensors works?

Our computer vision systems are based on camera-based technology and software running on Axis Communications cameras. The cameras are connected to either a local or cloud-based server, which uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to process live video. All processing is done with privacy in mind – people do not watch the video stream except for installation and maintenance. The data coming from the cameras can be enriched with other sensor data, such as temperature, air quality and sound.

Scale the use of IoT according to your needs

We want to make it easy for you to start using computer vision in your premises of any size business or office. You can start with just a few counters from € 200 / month (+ VAT) and expand the system as your business grows.

Intelligent dashboard for IoT

We provide a web-based dashboard tool that makes it easy to track footfall and traffic without installing additional software. The cloud-based service makes it easy to print reports that meet your needs in Excel or as ready-made PDF documents. Using computer vision has never been so easy.

Make the city the best place in the world to live - with smart computer vision solutions by Valfi

By 2020, the majority of the world’s population will be living in cities or their suburbs. Energy-efficient cities, living, studying and working require the efficient use of resources to ensure sustainable development for future generations.

Adding business value with computer vision

The better a business or company that operates in a physical location can feel its customer flow, the more effectively marketing, customer service and service can be optimized to meet customer needs. What opportunities could your company take if you knew the following information about your customers?

Number of customers per day

Average time when shopping at the shops

Real-time information on how many people are currently in a building / shop or room

Customer age, gender and emotions


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